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Will a 3rd Party USB-C Cable Work?

Yes there are 3rd Party cables that will work with the espressoDisplay however there are distinct differences between USB-C cables that are available in most retailers. In most cases plugging in a non supported 3rd party USB-C Cable will result in th

Connecting your display using our USB-C Cable

To connect your display up using the espresso USB-C --> USB-C cable (provided in the box).

My USB-C Cable isnt working?

USB-C cables can come in many different lengths and capabilities. When purchasing or replacing any USB-C cables you need to ensure they are USB-C 3.1 (Gen 1 or Gen 2). *Please note some cables are data only and will not work correctly with the espres

Can I use a 3rd Party HDMI Cable

If you are using the espressoDisplay to connect to your devices HDMI port. You will need to ensure the device is also connected with the USB-A Cable. This will ensure the espressoDisplay has enough power. The espressoDisplay USB-C --> HDMI & USB-A Ca

The espresso logo flashes when plugged in

In the situation where the espressoDisplays logo flashes on your screen the following troubleshooting tip will help get this resolved for you. - Verify your device is capable of video over USB-C, you can check the compatibility via our help section b