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Tech Specs for espresso Displays

How much does the espressoDisplay Weigh?

The espressoDisplays weight varies based on the model of the display chosen. Current Models (V2). 13inch - 650grams. 15inch - 865grams.

What is the resolution?

The espressoDisplay V2 has a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080) (141ppi)

espressoDisplay Dimensions

The new espressoDisplay comes in two different sizes 13" & 15". 13inch specs (Both Touch & Non-Touch). 308mm wide. 228mm high. 5.3mm thickness. Weight - 650g. 15inch Specs. 358mm wide. 256mm high. 5.3mm thickness. Weight - 865g.

How bright is the espressoDisplay?

The espressoDisplay is 300nits. In our version 1 devices you are able to adjust the brightness on the left hand side of your device by simply pressing and holding the volume up button for 5-6 seconds. This will allow you to then adjust the brightness

How much power does the espressoDisplay require?

The espressoDisplay will take its power from the USB-C Connection, and uses between 5-7.5w of electricity depending on the brightness of the screen. You can also use a secondary power source for the screen such as a power bank or wall socket connecte