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Removing the blue plastic film off your espressoProtector

Once the application process is complete and you have removed all of the bubbles from your espressoProtector you can now remove the blue film lining. To do this start by using the Lift tab labelled 2.

How to apply the guide tabs

To apply the guide tabs for your espressoProtector simply place your espressoDisplay face down (on a non-abrasive surface) and align the 3 guide tab stickers across the top of your display. (To ensure you are apply the stickers to the top of your dis

Cleaning the screen prior to application

When applying your screen protector ensure that the surface underneath the screen protector is free from dirt and debris. Please use the supplied espresso alcohol wipe to prepare the surface.

How to remove the bubbles after I applied screen protector

To remove the bubbles from your espressoProtector you will need to have a hard plastic card (similar to a credit card).

What are the stickers for?

The stickers that come with the espressoProtector are outlined below. 1 - Guide Stickers. 2 - Lift Stickers. 3 - Dust Removal Sticker. (Pictured Above - Guide Stickers). (Pictured Above - Lift Stickers). (Pictured Above) - Dust Removal Stickers