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General Information on the espressoDisplay

What can I do on the new espressoDisplay that I couldn't do on the original espressoDisplay?

✅ Significantly Improved Touch Experience. ✅ Introduced the espressoPen with Palm Rejection for a premium drawing experience. ✅ Re-imaged aluminium frame, now even thinner, lighter and more robust  than V1. ✅ Launch of our Desktop App espressoFlow, c

Can I plug my espressoDisplay into my dock?

The espressoDisplay is required to be plugged directly into the host computer / device. Using 3rd party accessories are not guaranteed to work with the espressoDisplay.

espressoDisplay Compatibility

Our espressoDisplays are compatible with most devices, some devices may require different configurations. Please take a look at our device compatibility list here.

Will my mountGo work with the new espressoDisplay?

The great news is yes! If you have an existing Mount Go you will not need to purchase the new espressoStand to work with the new espressoDisplay. The MountGo & espressoStand is the premium stand for a desktop setup.It is perfect for easily mounting y

Whats in the box?

Does the espressoDisplay have a battery?

The espressoDisplay gets it power via the USB-C Connection to your device. There is no battery in the espressoDisplay.If your device is unable to power the espressoDisplay (such as a phone or small tablet) you are always able to add a powerbank or wa