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Will espressoFlow work with V1 espressoDisplays?

The espressoFlow software is designed to work with our V2 espressoDisplay, there are some features that will work with the V1 however it is not fully supported. If you require touch software for your V1 Display this can be purchased via our customer

espressoFlow Software compatibility

espressoFlow is compatible with. macOS 11 and newer | Supports Windows 10 or later. If you require further assistance please contact us at [email protected]

What is espressoFlow?

espressoFLOW is our free software designed to get you into your FLOW. Specifically assisting with. Multi-screen touch. Helping you navigate your content with simple and easy commands. Smooth and frictionless experience. Transition between tasks, page

Where do I download espressoFlow?

To download the espressoFlow software please click here

Will espressoFlow work with Ubuntu?

espressoFlow will work with

Maximum number of apps

With Workspace launcher, there is a limit of 50 apps available for selection.