About the espresso Display

The espresso Display is an ultra-thin, Full HD portable monitor. A portable monitor is similar to a desktop monitor, but with a tablet-like profile.

It can connect using USB-C and HDMI to devices such as laptops, phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and desktop computers.

How do you know if the espresso Display is suitable for you?

  • If you work off your laptop and get frustrated by only having a small laptop screen, whilst having to look at multiple browser tabs or applications
  • You require to be on the move in multiple locations and want to be able to have a quick but comfortable setup to do your work
  • Your Work From Home setup can't fit a bulky desktop monitor and you're looking for something easier to setup and pack away each day
  • You want a simple monitor to sit next to your desktop monitor or iMac, so you can easily look at two things
  • You value high quality and simple design

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