Shipping Information

    Shipping Information

    We’re glad you’ve chosen us, and can’t wait to see you get your espresso Display!

    With the recent surge in eCommerce, global logistics are increasingly volatile and may be subject to unforeseen delays. We will work closely with you to communicate these, and you can always reach out to ask for an update on your region.

    Update – December 20th, 2021

    • Australia: espressoDisplay Version 1 -> 7 to 12 business days – expect further due to holiday season
      *Pre-orders – available in February 2022
    • USA*Pre-order only – available in February 2022
    • EU*Pre-order only – available in April 2022
    • UK*Pre-order only – available in April 2022

    Please note, if you need to make any changes to your order reach out to as soon as possible.  Customers will have up to 4 hours after placing an order to request changes.

    We can cancel an order up until it has been processed and dispatched by our warehouse facility.

    If you require a cancellation, please contact

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