Device Compatibility

The espresso Display is versatile and works with many devices, but it doesn't work with all devices and you may need a different configuration based on the device you're using it with. See below the list of compatible devices, and then a technical explanation at the bottom of this article.

Compatible Devices by Category

  • Apple MacBook Range (including M1 Mac Range) 
  • Microsoft Surface Range - exception MS Surface Pro 4 as the USB-C connection does not support Thunderbolt speeds.
  • Lenovo Laptop Range
  • Dell Laptop Range
  • HP Laptop Range
  • Razer Laptop Range
  • ASUS Laptop Range
  • LG Laptop Range
  • Acer Laptop Range

If your laptop brand isn't on this list, please reach out to ask.

Desktop Computers:
  • All Desktop Computers with a HDMI or USB-C port that supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode
Mobile Phones:

Mobile phone functionality is varied across devices and carriers. Whilst the Display may be functionally compatible with your phone, the functionality may be limited by the operating system or the hardware. Most phones require reduced brightness or additional power supply from a power bank or wall adaptor, as the power requirements of the Display is more than the Mobile Phone can supply itself.

  • Samsung Phones (Galaxy & Note Series)
    This includes S9, S10, S20, S21, Note 9, Note 10, Note 20. You can connect using the USB-C cable and switch between Screen Mirroring Mode, as well as DeX Mode, which is a Desktop Mode. Enjoy the touchscreen and even connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to the Display.
  • Apple iPhone (iPhone 8 onwards)
    This can screen-mirror without touch. You will need the Apple Lightning AV Adaptor, and then connect our HDMI cable to the adaptor to the Display. You will also need a separate power source to the Display.

espresso Display only supports phones from 2017 onwards.


Tablets are similar to mobile phones in that there is limited capability and that this varies amongst the products in this category. There also may be additional power supply requirements to connect the Display to your tablet.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and S7, with supported Desktop Mode (DeX).
  • iPad Pro (3rd and 4th edition), iPad Air (4th edition). Screen mirroring without touch.

espresso Display only supports tablets from 2017 onwards.

Gaming Consoles:
  • Nintendo Switch: Compatible with external power supply (please see Setup with Nintendo Switch for specific instructions)
  • PlayStation: PS3, PS4, PS5
  • Xbox: 360, One, Series X
The espresso Display works with other USB-C (DisplayPort Alternate Mode) and HDMI devices.

Technical Specifications

  • Port 1 (top): USB Type-C (Power Only)

    This is for additional power supply to the Display required for small devices (phones, tablets, Nintendo Switch, etc.). It is compatible with all USB-A and USB-C devices.
  • Port 2 (middle): USB Type-C (Power, Video, and Touch)

    This is compatible with any device that supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode. This includes almost all USB-C devices that output video, which is standard on most devices since 2017.
  • Port 3 (bottom): mini-HDMI (Video Only)

    HDMI has been the most common video cable over the last 10 years until USB-C. This port was included to be compatible with devices without a USB-C port, which is most devices before 2017. We provide a HDMI to mini-HDMI cable.

    Some devices don't use HDMI and use Mini-DisplayPort (which is the same profile as ThunderBolt 2), DisplayPort or VGA. Devices with this port require an adaptor to HDMI (female) for use with our cable. Devices commonly with mini-DisplayPort include:
    • Apple (2010 - 2016): MacBook Air (only ThunderBolt 2), MacBook Pro (Thunderbolt 2 and HDMI). Mac Mini and iMac have both Thunderbolt.
    • Microsoft (2010 - 2019): Surface Book and Surface Pro (Mini-DisplayPort)

For more information, you can see a list of devices with video output over USB-C.

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