Setup your Flip Case

The Flip Case is ideal for ensuring you’re extra protected.

Our magnetic technology means your Flip Case attaches to your espresso Display without clips or straps — just firm, integrated magnets. The hinges even allow you to fold the Display down to the angle that’s right for you.

See the below images which illustrate how you can set up the Display with the FlipCase.

Please make sure you are not using the FlipCase inside out, and you can determine this by:

  • The outside is a textured material, the inside is a smoother microfiber material
  • There is a small espresso logo on the Front-Left of the outside (as per the second image)
  • There is a larger espresso logo on the Front Middle of the inside when closed
    Note: When the Front Middle is folded backwards, so you can see the logo behind the Display (as per the top image)

A common error is to use the Display upside down, where you fold the edge of the FlipCase into the Display. The correct way is to fold the stand away from the Display as per the image on the left.

See below for a video walkthrough:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact support:

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