Setup with a Tablet

The espresso Display works well with selected tablets, but it is important to know the limitations:

  • Power: Tablets have not been designed to power a 13 or 15" Display. Whilst some tablets can power the Display directly, additional power supply is recommended
  • Ports: Not all USB-C is the same, where some mobile phones have a USB-C without video output over DisplayPort Alternate Mode. Apple is different, as the iPad uses Lightning, which is a port/cable that Apple created themselves.

Setup for Samsung Tablets

Samsung tablets are plug-and-play directly with USB-C and can use touchscreen. Samsung also has a little-known feature called Samsung DeX. This turns your tablet into a desktop-like experience.

To connect, simply connect to your Display using the USB-C cable. You may need an external power supply from a power bank or AC adaptor, as the tablet's battery wasn't designed to power a secondary monitor. If it doesn't power on or flickers, please try with additional power and reduce the brightness.

Setup for Apple iPad

iPads with USB-C are the iPad Pro 3rd and 4th generation, and the iPad Air 4th generation. These tablets can connect directly to the Display using the provided espresso USB-C cable. Touchscreen does not work with the Display and you will have to control the Display through your tablet. External power is not essential but recommended (power bank or AV power).

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