Setup with a Nintendo Switch

espresso enables portable gaming with the Nintendo Switch. 

The Nintendo Switch does require an external power supply that is compatible with its power requirements. This includes the Official Nintendo Switch power cable and selected power banks. You can read about this here.

Steps to set up:

  1. Ensure you have a compatible power supply
  2. Connect the USB-C Power cable into the top port of the Display
  3. Whilst the logo is on (for 3-4 seconds), connect the espresso USB-C cable from the Nintendo Switch to the middle port of the Display.

The Nintendo Switch should now be connected to the Display!

Common errors:

  1. The Nintendo Switch is Flashing: There is no additional power supply connected to the Switch. It is unable to power the Display with its included battery.
  2. I am getting the error "Could not connect to the TV": You need a compatible power source. You can read about this here.

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